Smoothie Bowl


My son has been refusing fruit recently, so I decided to be creative with lunch today. This smoothie bowl was a hit. I told him it is like ice cream and it was gone in not time!

DYK: Smoothies are a simple way to get fruits and veggies into your diet. Add protein powder and whole grain cereal, and you have a meal!

Smoothie Bowl


2 cups frozen fruit (I used peaches, strawberries and blueberries)

1/3 cup coconut milk (or milk of choice)

1 scoop protein powder (20 grams protein)

1 kiwi

1/4  avocado

1/8 cup favorite whole grain cereal crushed

1 T coconut flakes


Place frozen fruit in a bowl and thaw for 1 minute. In a blender add frozen fruit, milk and protein powder. I use my ninja single serve cup! Blend until smooth. Then pour into a bowl and top with kiwi, avocado, and crushed whole grain cereal mixed with coconut. Add variety with different frozen fruit and topping selections.

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